Video Tutorials

Favouriting & Purchasing Your Photos....

  1. Navigate to the collection you wish to purchase Photos from.
  2. Find your photos.
  3. Select the "Heart Icon" and enter in your email address.
  4. Keep selecting the "Heart Icon" to favourite more photos.
  5. Once you have favourited all of your images, select the "Shopping Trolley"
  6. Choose the "Package/s, Print/s or Digital Download/s" options you wish to purchase.
  7. Select the "Empty square with the cross in it"
  8. At the top you will have two options "All Photos" & "Favourites"
  9. Choose the "Favourites" and select an image to add to your basket, repeat this process until you have added all the photos to your basket, multiple "Packages, Prints and Single Digital Downloads" can be added.
  10. Go to "Checkout"

Viewing Multiple Events

  1. Open up the collection you wish to view.
  2. At the top of some collections you will find a list of Events i.e. 60m (Male), Distance (Female) etc.
  3. Simply click on the Event you wish to view.

Cropping Photos When Ordering Prints

Not all photos are cropped the same. They may have a different aspect ratio to the size print you are hoping to order. Therefore to crop the image you must:

  1. Select the photo you wish to purchase.
  2. Add it to your shopping basket.
  3. Select the size print you wish to purchase
  4. At the top you can see how the photo has been cropped.
  5. Proceed to "View Cart" where you will be asked to edit the crop.
  6. Click and hold down on the image and move the cropping tool to where you would like the photo to be cropped.
  7. Select "Save".
  8. Proceed to "Check Out".